1.Patient with bone pains having normal Calcium,Inc Alkaline phosphatase most likely suffering from = 
ANS:Paget’s Disease
●Osteoporosis = Labs are normal 
●Pagets disease = only ALP is raised 
●Osteopetrosis = Only Ca is dec 
●Osteomalacia = Vit D dec → dec Ca & phosphates → inc PTH & ALP 
 2. Erythropoiesis occurs in middle trimester mainly from = 
ANS: liver
3.Vertebrae is derived from 
= Sclerotome
4. Memory center is located in
 = Temporal lobe
5. The most common type of salivary gland tumor is 
= Parotids
6.Destruction of Ant.pituatary gland causes dec.functioning of
 = Glom.fasciculate 
7- A normal looking Girl came to you with primary amenorrhea, on examination she was having short blind vagina wid normal vulva, scanty pubic n axillary hairs, normal breasts, absent uterus, her karyotype is
 = 46XY
8-Nerve supply to extensors of arm is supplied by 
= Post cord (Radial nerve is from posterior cord ) 
9. Nerve injured in Ant dislocation of Shoulder joint is
 = Axillary
 10-Damage to scaphoid bone causes injury to
 = Radial Artery 
11-Common site of fracture at rib is 
= Angle 
12-Following is not a tumor marker 
= Acid Phospatase 
13-Most common histology found in lung tumors is
 = Adenocarcinoma 
14-Patients comes with Rt. deviation of tongue, Dec.sense of touch and vibartions,the artery commonly involved in brain is
 = Ant.Spinal artery ( whenever u see deviation of tongue in such a scenario, look for ant spinal artery in options ) 
15-Soldier comes with heavy bleeding,the ideal fluid replacement would be

 = Whole blood for 3 days ( same for same, ie for heavy blood loss, prefer blood ) 
16-Maxillary sinus opens into 
= Middle meatus 
17-Patient having increased levels of IgE,most probably suffering from
 = Parasitic infection 
18-Autospy done on the patient having CRF,most prabable finding would be 
= Hypertrophied PTH gland 
19-Excitation of hypothalamus would cause 
= Shivering (note for hypothalamus remember that ANTERIOR is for cooling and POSTERIOR is for heating ANTERIOR is parasympathetic center while POSTERIOR is sympathetic)
 20-Foetal period starts after which week
 =8 th 
21-Patient having dec levels of factorII,VII,IX,X,most likely have 
= Dec Vit.K ( memorize vit K DEPENDENT FACTORS by 1972 ie factor 2,7 .9 ,and 10 consider 1 as = Factor 10 ) 
22-Young pt having Hb:6.0,TLC:3.5/ul,Plts:1lac is suffering from 
= Aplastic anemia
 23-Nucleus ambigus supplies 
= Larynx (Nucleus ambigus is for IX,X,XI ie cranial nerves 9, 10, 11 also remember that the parasympathic nucleus for vagus nerve is DORSAL NECLEUS, ASKED REPEATEDLY IN PAST PAPERS) 
24-Olfactory area is present in
 = temporal gyrus ( this the only sensation that doesn’t pass through thalamus )
 25-Patient with injury to left 8th cervical segment of spinal cord will not show following sign 
= Dec sense of pain and temperature below the lesion on same side (pain and temp loss are contralateral ie opposite to the lesion , while position and vibrations senses are ipsilateral) 
26-Feature of Rickets and Osteomalacia is 
= Decreased bone density
 27-Most common site of malignancy in pts suffering from nuclear outbreak 
= Hematopoietic (don’t confuse it with head and neck radiations that causes papillary thyroid cancer)
28-Virus acts on cells by 
= Involving protein synthesis 
29-Most sensitive cells to hypoxia are 
= Neurons 
30-Myelin in CNS is formed by
 = Oligodendrocytes 
31-Feature not associated with irreversible cell injury is
 = Myelin figures (For cpsp always remember Myelin figure = Reversible injury) 
32-Ureter is not constricted at
 = Psoas muscle 
33-Common relation of ureter is = post.to gonadal vessels and Ant.to iliac Artery 
34-Patient feels pain after she underwent surgery for fibroids, structure injured would be 
= Ureters
 35-Least common site for ectopic pregnancy would be at 
= Ovaries 
36-Gall bladder is supplied by 
= Only Cystic Artery 
37-Venous drainage of urinary bladder is into 
= Internal Iliac Vein
38. Patient with fluid loss now show metabolic acidosis e hypokalemia. most fluid loss will be through
 = Colon ( colon is reservoir of HCO3 & POTASSIUM, and in diarrhea both are lost resulting in acidosis and hypokalemia

39-Patient having hyperplastic bone marrow, anaemia, Increase Platelets is probably suffering from 
= Leaukemia 
40-Stimulus for Erythropoietin secretion is 
= Hypoxia 
41-Erytropoiten is always raised in 
= Sec.polycythemia (Polycythemia vera is only type of polycythemia in which there is Dec. EPO) 
42-Patient after gastrectomy is on VitB12,the cells lost in the gastrectomy 
= parietal 
44-Fat tags attached to the walls of large intestine are known as 
= Appendeces epiplocea
 45-Bile salts are reabsorbed from the
 = Ileum
 46-Following is an autosomal dominant disease is
 = Hereditary spherocytosis 
47-Type of defect in Hereditary spherocytosis 
= Structural defect 
48-Patient with jaundice, anaemia,high reticulocyte count is having 
= Hemolytic anaemia 
49-Ejaculatory duct opens into 
= Prostatic urethra 
50-Terminal part of CBD in relation to pancreas is
 = Embedded into pancreas

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