George Floyd: Lawyers for black man killed by police in US say he was "deliberately killed"

George Floyd: Lawyers for black man killed by police in US say he was "deliberately killed"
Protests continue in the United States after a curfew was imposed in various cities following the killing of an unarmed black man by a police officer, while the victim's lawyers allege that the police carried out the murder under a premeditated plan.

Derek Chow, a former white police officer, is charged with the murder of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black American, and will appear in court on Monday, June 1.

Derek Chauhan has been charged with third-degree murder, but lawyer Benjamin Kurram told CBC News that it was a first-degree murder.
"We think that was his intention," he said. He rested his knee on the man's neck for about nine minutes, begging for breath.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauhan can be seen in the footage holding his knees on the victim's neck for several minutes. Even when Floyd told him he couldn't breathe.
Three police officers, including Derek, have been suspended.

Philadelphia is receiving reports of looting.

Videos seen on TV show angry youths destroying several police vehicles and looting at least one store on Sunday.

Violent reports have also been received from the western region. Investigators say police vehicles were also set on fire.

Curfews are in place in various US cities.

President Trump tweeted, "Law and order in Philadelphia, right now they're looting stores." Call our National Guards. "

Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to quell the riots.
The National Guard is the US reserve military force to deal with emergencies. It said on Sunday that 5,000 of its personnel were active in 15 states and Washington, D.C.

State and local law enforcement agencies are responsible for security, it added.

What has happened so far?
Protests continue in various cities in the United States after an unarmed black man was killed by a police officer, while an arrested police officer has been charged with murder.

The state governor says protests there are no longer limited to protests against the killings.
Governor Tim Wallace has said he is taking "extraordinary steps" to mobilize the state's National Guard.

There are also reports that military police units may be deployed.

The killing of a black man took place in Manipolis and protests have been going on for three days in the wake of this incident.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

A video of Monday's incident went viral, with arrested George Floyd appearing to plead with police that he was suffocating, but the police officer did not touch him.
His death sparked protests in various cities across the country that are still ongoing.

Angry protesters clashed with police in New York, Atlanta and Portland on Friday night.

The White House in Washington DC was somewhat locked down.
Houston is the area where George Floyd grew up.

"My question is how many more, how many more," a 19-year-old boy told the Associated Press. I want to live in a future where we live in harmony and we are not oppressed.

"Our major cities in Minnesota, Minneapolis and St. Paul, are under attack," said Governor Wells.
"The situation in Manipolis at the moment is about to lead to attacks on citizens, fear and the deterioration of our great city," he said.

He said Friday night's violence made a mockery of whether it was apparently about George Floyd's death or about inequality or historical trauma in our different communities.

He and other officials believe many of the violent protesters came from outside the state and created problems, but did not provide details.

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